Example 1

Run-down Pub Company Disposal - Rural Pub in the Home Counties: This pub was owned by a national pub company which had neglected it for years and consequently there had been "revolving door" tenants for some time. Trade had suffered and the pub had closed and was bought soon after by a property developer who wanted to convert the pub to a house for which he needed change-of-use permission. Potential stumbling blocks were the fact that the business had lacked leadership and expertise for several years and once operated successfully under private ownership. What's to say that it would not succeed again? Another problem was that the pub had not been fully marketed over a period of time as a going concern. The developer bought the property but might there have been a proficient operator out there somewhere? One favourable point was that there was one other pub in the village, a social club, post office and general store. We compiled a detailed report showing how the other businesses more than catered for all the residents' demands and we eventually proved that our pub was no longer viable as such and had only one life left – as a grand house. The application was granted.